About The EFP Chamber


The East Feliciana Parish Chamber of Commerce operates to ensure that residents of the parish can dwell in a community that is constantly advancing its growth and prosperity as a result of the leadership they provide.

The Chamber consists of ordinary individuals who:

  • Represent different businesses, shops, lifestyles, sectors and industry associations.
  • Work to develop solutions for local issues that could negatively impact the related economy and community.
  • Listen to the needs of those in the local community and then take action to defend and further develop the prosperity of the parish as a whole.
  • Work to develop new practices and systems that can launch East Feliciana Parish into a higher level of economic standing

From the President:

I extend our warmest greetings to the readers of this publication. This Business and Relocation Resource Guide has been published on behalf of the East Feliciana Chamber of Commerce as a benefit to its members and the East Feliciana communities. We hope it serves as a valuable, easy-to-use resource guide. All of the businesses, industries, services and organizations listed believe in giving back to the parish that has helped them succeed.

The East Feliciana Chamber is honored to serve as the face and voice of East Feliciana. The board of directors and staff are leading advocates for a vibrant business climate and a healthy community.

Through the goals and objectives developed by our business leaders, the Chamber conducts and hosts a multitude of actions in support of our business community –

  • Creating a strong local economy
  • Promoting the community
  • Providing networking opportunities
  • Representing business to government

If you are not a member of the Chamber, we invite you to join us and engage in making East Feliciana a great and wonderful place to live and work.

Joe Howell, President

A great place to live, work and play.